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Prevent the system from sleeping Prevent MacOSX from entering into sleep mode.macosx system 2016-08-05
Dns List of public DNS serverssystem network 2016-07-31
Disable and enable ipv6 on mac Commands to disable and enable IPV6 on Macmacosx system 2016-07-31
Photography related resources Links and other resources onlinephotography 2016-06-11
Using bx-python Using Bx-python to intersect and clusterize genomic segments.python code_snippets bioinformatics 2016-05-01
Installing developer tools in macosx without xcode Installing developer tools (compilers, make, etc...) in Mac OSX without Xcode.macosx system 2016-05-01
Search packages with binstar Searching and installing python packages with binstar and anaconda.system python 2016-05-01
Caricamento ftp da script Caricare file su sito ftp da script.linux network 2016-01-31
Configurare postfix con gmail Configurare postfix in modalità satellite con un account Gmail.linux network email system 2016-01-31
Macosx programs I miei programmi preferiti per MacOSXmacosx 2016-01-08
Correggere statistiche utilizzo disco errate macosx Correggere le statistiche di utilizzo del disco in Mac OSXmacosx system 2016-01-08
Macosx keyboard shortcuts Personale selezione di shortcut per Mac OSXmacosx system 2016-01-03
Macosx hibernate disable Disabilitare la modalità hibernate Mac OSXmacosx system 2016-01-03
Timecapsule remove old backups Rimuovere manualmente un backup di Time Machinemacosx system 2016-01-01
Stampare dinamicamente su una singola linea di standard output Stampare su una singola linea in maniera dinamica con Pythonpython code_snippets 2015-10-17
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